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The Cheat Sheet
bROuGHT2u bY SoRcera-X D2
Lots of thanks to Eric J. for his list! - Close Window

Current people adding to this list - Just me for right now
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Attibute: Code:
+ Defense ac
+ Defense vs. Missile ac-miss
+ Defense vs. Melee ac-hth
Damage Reduced by red-dmg
+% Enhanced Defense ac%
+ to Strength str
+ to Dexterity dex
+ to Vitality vit
+ to Energy enr
+ to Mana mana
+ to Life hp
+ to Attack Rating att
+% Increased Chance of Blocking block
+ to Maximum Cold Damage cold-max
+ to Minimum Poison Damage pois-min
+ to Maximum Poison Damage pois-min
+ to Minimum Damage dmg-min
+ to Maximum Damage dmg-min
% Enhanced Damage dmg%
% Damage Taken Goes To Mana dmg-to-
+% to Maximum Fire Resist res-fire-
+% to Maximum Lightening Resist res-ltng-
+% to Maximum Cold Resist res-cold-
+% to Maximum Magic Resist res-mag-
+% to Maximum Poison Resist res-pois-
- Blank Item below this Resist ALL res-all
Fire Absorb % abs-fire%
Lightning Absorb % abs-ltng%
Magic Absorb % abs-mag%
Cold Absorb % abs-cold%
Attacker Takes Damage of thorns
%Increased Attack Speed swing3
Knockback knock
+ Maximum Stamina stam
% Mana stolen per hit manasteal
% Life stolen per hit lifesteal
+ to ..... Skill Levels (no code?)
+ to Light Radius light
Requirements +% ease (-100)
% Faster Run/Walk move3
% Faster Hit Recovery balance3
% Faster Block Rate block3
% Faster Cast Rate cast3
Poison Length Reduced by % res-pois
Hit Blinds Target (no code?)
Prevent Monster Heal noheal
% Bonus to Attack Rating att%
% to Damage vs. Demons dmg-de...
% Damage to Undead dmg-un...
+ to All Skills allskills (***see note below)
% Chance of Open Wounds openwo...
% Chance of Crushing Blow crush
% Deadly Strike deadly
Slows Target by % slow
Cannot Be Frozen nofreeze
Adds to Skill Tabs skilltab
+ Defense (BOCL) ac/lvl
+% Defense(BOCL) ac%/lvl
+ to Life (BOCL) hp/lvl
+ to Mana (BOCL) mana/lvl
+ to Maximum Damage (BOCLl) dmg/lvl
+% to Maximum Damage (BOCLl) dmg%/lvl
+ to Strength (BOCL) str/lvl
+ to Dexterity (BOCLl) dex/lvl
+ to Energy (BOCL) enr/lvl
+ to Vitality (BOCL) vit/lvl
+ to Attack Rating (BOCL) att/lvl
+ to Maximum Cold Damage(BOCL) dmg-col...
+ to Maximum Fire Damage(BOCL) dmg-fire...
+ to Maximum Lightning Damage(BOCL) dmg-ltn...
+ to Maximum Poison Damage(BOCL) dmg-poi...
+% Cold Absorb (BOCL) abs-col...
+% Fire Absorb (BOCL) abs-fire/...
+% Lightning Absorb (BOCL) abs-ltng...
Attacker Takes Damage of (BOCL) att/lvl
% Extra Gold from Monsters (BOCL) gold%/lvl
% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item (BOCL) mag%/lvl
+% Damage to Demons (BOCL) dmg-de...
+% Damage to Undead (BOCL) dmg-un...
% Chance of Crushing Blow (BOCL) crush/lvl
% Chance of Open Wounds (BOCL) wounds...
+ Kick Damage (BOCL) kick/lvl
% Deadly Strike (BOCL) deadly/lvl
Adds Skill bonus skill1 - skill8 (can use one of each)
+ to All Skills - allskills
ADDS up to 7 for all skills, BUT...
adds Assassin twice...
Save and exit Jamella, then go back in, then
Remove the Assassin at the top of the list
TIP: Jamella only allows 24 attributes
All skills takes up 7 so save All skills for the 24th attribute
Current list of codes that do not work:
Attribute: Code:
Replenish Life + regen
% Extra Gold from Monsters gold%
% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items mag%
Heal Stamina Plus +% stam
Heal Stamina Plus +% regen-m
Ignore Target's Defense ignore-ac
+ Target Defense reduce-ac
+% to Attack Rating (BOCL) att%/lvl
+to minimum lightning damage (no code?)
+to maximum lightning damage (BOCL) (no code?)
+to maximum fire damage (BOCL) (no code?)
+increase maximum durability (no code?)
ignore targets defence ?? He's seen this on a shield
hit causes monster to flee (no code?)
attacker takes lightning damage (no code?)
half freeze duration (no code?)
[key find gems] (BOCL) (no code?)
+%magic absorb (no code?)